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CAREstream America is the premier distributor of premium regenerative and pain management solutions that include APIC-A2M™ with FAC Testing, Amniosomes, PRFM, 100% Pure Amniotic Fluid, Non-Centrifuge Bone Marrow Aspirate and Micronized Fat with body-jet®. If you’re looking for comprehensive regenerative program development support, connect to learn about joining our affiliate network, Axiom Therapies. We also carry Pro-Nox, human med®, Chemometec®, Christie Medical VeinViewer® Flex/Vision2, and TULIP® products to help shape and image the body, count stem cells, showcase the veins and relieve the pain and anxiety of procedures. With our Gentec® and Westmed® lines we offer a variety of medical products for patient care from suction products, adaptors, flowmeters & regulators to anesthesia, respiratory and critical care. | more |

Dallas Regenerative Solutions, a Texas-based, licensed device distributor carrying a complete portfolio of regenerative technologies (ECSW, HPLT, 1470nm Diode Non-Ablative Laser, Fractional Dermal Infusion, etc.) and biologics (Placental-derived MSC Exosomes and MSCs, Amnion/ECM, Purified Amniotic Fluid, etc.), seeks to be a true resource in the rapidly expanding field of Regenerative Medicine by providing practitioners more than just a product with an instruction booklet. DRS truly specializes in helping practitioners implement these devices and biologics into their menu of services by providing a thorough technological understanding of the item and where it fi ts in with regenerative medicine as a whole, hands-on training, protocol books, consent forms and treatment logs, and marketing programs necessary to drive tra”ffic to their practice. | more |
Protection for Medical Professionals The United States is the most litigious country in the world, and the medical profession is perhaps the most vulnerable. According to one source, 55% of all doctors have already been sued once, half of those have been sued more than once, and of the 45% who have not been sued (yet), those in a high-risk specialty are 99% likely to be sued in the future, and even those in low-risk specialties are 75% likely to be sued before their career is over. You have a legal right to conduct your business and affairs in such a way that you can minimize your tax burden. Part of this is going to come from structuring your business correctly. Part of it will be from being smart when you invest. | more |

Integrative Peptides was born out of the idea that there had to be a better way for patients and their healthcare providers to gain access to safe peptide supplements. Physicians interested in peptides are currently limited to high priced options or risky, unvetted overseas, or research only suppliers.

Enter Integrative Peptides, founded in 2018 with one purpose: to offer over a peptide supplement that meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and value. For Faster Service text us at 443.REAL.BPC | more |

Top Doctor Magazine was founded with the sole purpose of bringing the best and most relevant news and practices to light in our daily periodicals, connecting innovative doctors with innovative solutions.| more |

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