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Life Sciences and Biology is steadily becoming educational options in the higher education Market.

Many leading institutions are currently offering educational programs and certificate programs for students or the transition of medical professionals into these high-growth markets.

The demand for these professionals is in the hundreds of thousands.

Why us?

Our programs provide your University or College the opportunity to simply onboard our courses and create custom curriculum developed by trusted, world-renown physicians and scientists. It’s an ideal way to expand your online offering with today’s most in-demand programs that lead to highly acclaimed certification. We even help you put it together – online content, support services, marketing, technical support and access to over 40,000 major online medical publications, journals, and research papers. We are uniquely positioned in the higher education market by helping you reach new students and medical professionals and establishing a new revenue channel.

Boston Biolife is the Choice for Online Certificate Life Sciences and Biology Courses and Programs for Your University or College.

Institutions that currently offer these types of programs

Duke - Regenerative Medicine
Mayo Clinic - Regenerative Medicine
UMiami - Regenerative Medicine
Upstate - Regenerative Medicine
Utah - Regenerative Medicine

Online Curriculum

Cell Biology​

The Basics of Cell Biology​

Translational Medicine

The Fundamentals of Translational Medicine in  Clinical Practice

Boston BioLife

Custom Curriculum in Life Science Professions / Professional Development Certificates in the Clinical Aspects of Biology

Life Sciences

Introduction to Life Science Industry

Regenerative Medicine

Clinical Aspects of Regenerative Medicine

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