Great, innovative education, variety of topics on regenerative medicine, amazing expert panel, and hands-on practice. 
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

Great, innovative information. Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

Focused training, extensive coverage, latest information shared. Good for practitioners of all experiences
. Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

Excellent!!! Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

I’ve been to many “stem cell” seminars, this one was the best! 
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

This is my 1st Boston BioLife conference. I will be returning. Thank you!
 Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

This is my 2nd BBL conference and I am once again so inspired and encouraged about the future possibilities in medicine.
 Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

Great conference that provided a comprehensive knowledge base
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

I think that you are doing a good job to bring awareness of the changing healthcare landscape
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

I highly recommend the educational programs provided by Boston BioLife. The organizers are passionate about science and the latest research – There is no bias
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

Boston BioLife is helping me transition from the world of ignorance provided by confusion in the industry to deep dives into leading-edge science for better outcomes for my patients
. Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

Definitely the tip of the spear in regenerative medicine
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

An excellent overview of the current state of interventional regenerative medicine
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

This was my first Boston BioLife event, but it will definitely not be my last
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

While some of the presentations were not pertinent to my specific practice, the conference was very informative with so many expert speakers – tons of great information
. Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

This was a phenomenal course in an exciting, new field of medicine
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

Great course. Well organized, and definitely worth my time and money
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

I believe that regenerative medicine is the future of medicine
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

Excellent course! Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

A great overview of the field of opportunities
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

Great meeting and speakers. The perfect way to meet and collaborate with others in this new and expanding field
Attendee: BBL Boston, MA, June 2019

Best organized conference with excellent educational material in excellent hands-on training. Attendee: BBL Scottsdale, AZ, May 2018

Very informative conference that covers both functional and regenerative medicine in how they integrate. Attendee: BBL Scottsdale, AZ, May 2018

A very good introduction to functional in regenerative medicine! Attendee: BBL Scottsdale, AZ, May 2018

Great lectures! Good to excellent course. Attendee: BBL Scottsdale, AZ, May 2018

Great conference with knowledgeable staff presenters’ current information that can be applied clinically highly recommended! Attendee: BBL Scottsdale, AZ, May 2018

Great experience for beginners and seasoned practitioners. Attendee: BBL Scottsdale, AZ, May 2018

Actually an introduction to a course on a broad topic. Attendee: BBL Scottsdale, AZ, May 2018

Great in directions introduction to novel techniques and emerging science. Attendee: BBL Scottsdale, AZ, May 2018

Most comprehensive regenerative medicine courses available. Attendee: San Diego, CA Course, November 2017

Reinforced and learned all that I wanted to and more! Attendee: San Diego, CA Course, November 2017

This conference was an inspiring glimpse into the amazing future of 21st century medicine. Attendee: San Diego, CA Course, November 2017

I am excited about the future of regenerative medicine and the potential for its utilization for patient outcomes! Attendee: San Diego, CA Course, November 2017

Incredibly informative and I would definitely take this course again. Attendee: San Diego, CA Course, November 2017

This is my 3rd Boston BioLife conference. Always informative! I really like the advanced session. Attendee: San Diego, CA Course, November 2017

This course is well-balanced with science & clinical didactic sessions from very friendly and super knowledgeable faculty! Attendee: San Diego, CA Course, November 2017

Each lecture was relevant and augmented the experience. Everyone is interested in creating the best outcome for the patient and [the concentration/focus] was not about who was (most) right. Ideal learning environment!

Boston BioLife conference gives all of the information needed to know about PRP and stem cells!

A very good course. Excellent speakers and information. It is introducing new horizons for the treatment of several musculoskeletal conditions.

Excellent, well run, informative, impactful meeting.

Organized team!

Thank you very much for a great meeting!

Great collegial atmosphere with clinicians.

An excellent course – great for beginner or advanced.

l enjoyed the perspectives of different experts, including the Ph.Ds.

I really appreciated both research and clinical based speakers!

The staff took great care of the attendees.

The conference was extremely well organized and very educational. Great job!

First-class meeting from A-Z.

Excellent planning and execution and reliable suggestions from speakers, all of whom were inspiring.

Excellent start for regenerative medicine.

Informative information that makes one contemplate; can I help change the future of healthcare?

The lectures were all excellent!

Time well spent in a wonderful setting with other healthcare professionals – excellent timely topics and a great hands-on workshop.

I liked the meeting and will recommend it to my peers.

Everything was very informative and great for my 1st course. Thank you!

The meeting was well organized, great facility, good foods, quality vendors!

Great introductory course for a new doctor considering regenerative medicine. Covers all of the hot topics.

The advanced course was an excellent add-on to the basic course. It reinforced earlier learning and allowed small group interactions with faculty.

Very informative, very good!

Very well-run course, great value, great location.

A must for anyone wishing to get involved with regen med and a great update/refresher for those who are already experienced. Attendee: Austin, Texas Course, September 2017

Boston BioLife did an incredible job bringing in various speakers in a multitude of areas to teach us how to perfect, grow, and strengthen our biologics program. The lectures, hands-on sessions, and resources were unparalleled to anything we have been exposed to in the past. Attendee, Philadelphia Course, July 2017

Very informative speakers, hands-on was practical, vendors very knowledgeable, able to start a regenerative practice.

Excellent combination of science, practice, hands-on. One cannot get that anywhere else in the field of regenerative medicine.

Great Course! Very informative!

This was an excellent meeting! It brought back the enthusiasm to increase the practice of cell therapies and eventually practice full time.

The absolute BEST regenerative medicine course I have attended!

I was pleased with the quality of the speakers and the topics discussed. I learned quite a bit.

This was only my second class with Boston BioLife. I was able to share my 1st class information, which allowed me to bring another physician along with me. I feel 2-day classes allows us to be more acquainted with regenerative medicine.

Outstanding program!

Great! I like the scientific fundamentals and workshop training stations.

This is my first time here. I learned a lot in basic science and clinical science. I need to go to these meetings again!

Great conference! Excellent source of information and sharing ideas on this evolving field of medicine. I feel more comfortable offering protocols for injections.

I think that you are running an amazing operation. There is lots of valuable content and resources for physicians. There is a great speaker line-up and excellent organization – overall an amazing experience, highly recommended!

This course was excellent in presenting facts, separating facts from fiction, and defining the state of the field at present. The faculty was impressive, articulate for the clinician’s level, and accessible for questions.

Nice course – thank you!

All of the speakers are engaging and the topics are up-to-date.

A very good mix of science and research with clinical applications.

Great meeting! A good combination of science and clinical application without commercial bias.

Excellent event. It helped me to make a decision to change my practice towards regenerative medicine.

Intensive, research-based learning opportunity with direct clinical application/implementation.

This was my first meeting regarding this topic and it has been an eye-opener on the potential of how it may be used in pain management – I would really love to be part of the research component.

Absolutely great course. I loved it and cannot wait to attend again. I gained a lot of information about the basic sciences of regenerative medicine.

A great starting point for a “newbie” to self evaluate where to go in regenerative medicine.

Professional people ask me on a daily basis asking me to recommend courses to attend. I would definitely recommend this program, as it is short, sweet, and very informative.

Speakers were impeccable.

This conference is cutting edge with amazing present and future therapeutic potential for alleviating suffering.

A great introduction to regenerative medicine.

Provided very advanced regenerative medicine information, updates, and technology; will help clinical practice toward another millennium. 2-day conference and workshop are sufficient and cost-effective.

Great course. Brings up to date information on Stem Cell research and review of potential applications in practice. Honest and controversial presentations from scientists and physicians.

Very good coverage of basic data and clinical applications.


Excellent speakers, great material.

The use of PRP has changed my entire practice and I love that this research is booming.

I learned a lot during this course.

The speakers were really good and knew their material.

This is a very good program for someone starting out to talk to clinicians with experience.

The Boston BioLife conference was the most informative source of didactic and hands-on training I have encountered. The speakers were from clinical as well as scientific research backgrounds offering laboratory and clinical studies. The execution of the program was extremely well organized. It was small enough that the hands-on breakout sessions in the afternoon were intimate enough to fully participate and ask questions freely. This concise weekend changed my approach to stem cell acquisition and opened up new research. I recommend it to anyone new or experienced in the changing world of stem cell research and treatment. Dr. C.G

The best conference that I have attended in many years!

This is a very informative course for doctors that want knowledge on this cutting edge technology.

Great course for educating on the future of medicine!

A good cross-section of speakers I was pleased with the overall effort to provide current information, research trends, and clinical application.

I think that this course strikes the optimal balance between scientific knowledge and the direct applications of that knowledge. The presenters and faculty are some of the best in the country.

Great lectures, talented physicians!

This group made me feel like I was at home.

Had an excellent meeting – I learned a lot!

Great job with the staff – Very knowledgeable and covered great topics and all were very approachable!

Very didactic and speakers were thorough. This workshop was excellent!

One of the most interesting courses I have taken in a while. Also, participants (other physicians) were very nice!

Excellent course, great highlights of research, the basic science of regenerative medicine regulations

Excellent course, educational, new age pain medicine, frontier spine muscle-skeletal medicine. Highly recommended!

This is my second time coming to a BBL course… Especially with the cadaver course, I believe I can confidentially start my own practice of Biologics.

One of the highlights of this conference was the opportunity to interact with researchers, Ph.D.s, and practitioners in an emerging field where everyone’s opinions and ideas were respected.

This is a good place to start an exploration into the regenerative treatment of the spine.

Cutting edge meeting on the latest information on stem cell data related to the disc.

Excellent understanding of translational medicine. New concepts, very refreshing, gives hope for patients with disc degeneration. Highly recommended!

In one day I stepped from one century into the next

 This is a fabulous concept for a conference – a great synergy of science and clinical practice

Excellent cutting edge meeting specialty addressing Disc Degeneration

Basic science, thoughtful group of presenters and attendees

New territory covered

Stem cell treatment is a very nebulous topic currently with fragmented information, this course shed a lot of perspective on the topic and provided direction for further reading and thought

Increased my hope and desire to provide discogenic pain patients with options beyond surgery and higher doses of narcotics

Excellent course that helps on knowledge and techniques

Contributes to investigating the incorporation of regenerative techniques in our clinical practice.

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